SN answering the call

Judgment - the man

Judgment - the main dude in the story

Man lets make it clear – SN makes comics that deal with life – real life. Yeah we are a Christian based comic company, and yeah our characters and comics are edgy, but our message is the same…period.

Back in 1996 I was struggling with something in my mind of the way that a comic should be for young people. These kids were stuck in the world of the S.O.S. (same old stuff): sex, drugs, anger, lust, greed, selfishness and – well, stuff that sounds just like today. But after watching the very bad movie –  Prince of Egypt, I was compelled to create this thing.

So, to the Art Institute of Dallas I went, met some freaks who drew some of the original designs and here we are.

Over the years that I have struggled with bringing this thing to the public I have heard from Christian and non Christian stores that they are not sure where to put this. The Christian stores just don’t call me back, the secular stores just give me a letter and say something like…”man cool stuff you may do better in a Christian store!” Wow, talk about a loop of goofiness. Or, the coolest thing was, “man, go to Comic Con, your stuff is good enough to publish…”. Plus, some of my art that you will eventually see has been made from some industry freaks that I befriended along the way. But, here I am now figuring out ways to get this out to ya’ll (a little Texas drawl for ya).

Now, I am going to send stuff to key people and key groups to hand them free t-shirts for this new ‘rebirth’ if you want to call it. I think this way I can get stuff out to people and the name out as well bypassing the brick and mortar establishments. So I am going to try and do and a direct to consumer sales thingy ma gingy kind of strategy. That my friends is a total a business technical term and you can use that with my permission.

But that is news for – talk to yeah

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