So what is a Sentinel anyway?

Sentinel is a character that is from a distant galaxy…a land far, far, far away (sort of sounds like a Star Wars trilogy huh?). The Sentry is a clan of 10-14 foot humanoid warriors. I know some of you are thinking that “hey, Avatar had the tall dudes as well”, no I had this stuff out in 1996 and, no I never read the book. But, The Sentry are a race of large people that have been commissioned to do the Lord’s will – and that’s it. They have existed in has a very advanced race of human / machine enhanced people for thousands of years. In fact they have know the beginnings of time due to God commissioned them to fight the Nephelim and prior to that God told them to wipe out the Fallen 200 angels from heaven that descended with Lucifer during the great battle of heaven.

God commissioned this great race to take on and fight the Fallen 200 or the ‘Watchers’ and fight the offspring that they created.

So the Sentry were set forth to take down some of these giant people and to stand and fight against their offspring regardless of the price of life. In doing so, God gave them some very cool stuff to fight with, intelligence, knowledge of life, and the ability to travel between the natural and spiritual realms.

Anyways, that is how they became who the are and that is why they look they way they do.

When in battle they can strike fear into the enemy with their harmonic sounds and their rhythmic beats that can be heard for miles/days before they attack.

So, that is a little about the Sentry and who they are. Now the dude that in the image is named Sentinel and he is the leader of the Sentry.

He has not been the only leader, but he is the appointed leader for when they go into battle…and man is this dude the real deal.

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry

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