Faith and much more…..


So, here I am about to take a step out in the world of opportunity and into an arena that I only dream and think about. But, I have to do walk in order to move.

The coolest thing that I have ever heard come out of my mouth was, “…God can’t direct a stationary body!”

publishing company strictly for the niche market of Christian Graphic Novels and Comics / Comix (European).

Soon, very soon, I will provide an area for developers to submit their material and information as to how and what I am looking for regarding the publishing.

One of the biggest things that I am looking for is significant art; storyline and tight, tight graphics that are anatomically correct and stand out.

The one of thing that I have seen with ‘some’ faith based artist is the art is not up to par with the genre it is trying to compete with. The pencils and the technical aspects of the comic have to be as superior or better in order to get people to take “us “ seriously.

I know that I have spent a lot of money on getting other artist, better than myself, to draw my stories.



Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is a set back. But, how would you want your story to be seen and viewed when people take their first peak at it?

Exactly, you want that – “…WOW!” and, “…man that is nice”, or “…hmmm, this is pretty good.”

So, the tighter the pencils and the better the anatomy, the better the results with me.



• We need AWESOME story lines that will capture the readers and eventually others attention.

• Storylines like what? Man (and WoMan as well) God gave you the idea, jot it on paper, give it to an artist and send it in.

Controversial Stuff

• What if the story is controversial? Well, if you are talking about porn…then this is not the place. But, if you are talking about real world adult stuff like; bills, life, drugs, problems in a marriage, sex before marriage (will be reviewed) and other touchy subjects, problems at home, real world drama like being deployed, conspiracy theories, hero’s, anti hero’s, drugs, fighting an addiction, etc.

• If you have something like that – then let’s dance partner, I’m all in.


• Here is the plan for this. I will take your project and the best comic projects that are selected. Run them through a art / comic rubric. Decide which project is going to be pushed through a Print on Demand Publisher, to later be placed in a Perfect Bound Binding with a cover and submitted to a number of alternative distributors for the college and library media arenas.

• In addition this particular publication will be pushed e-publishing sites and placed through the vendor for POD direct orders

• The other comics, even those in that were selected, will be put through a number of e-publisher channels that we have been working on developing relationships with. Once in these channels then we will submit them as underneath one publishing arena and push an electronic marketing campaign to assist with the purchase of your project.

How are you paid?

• Each project will have an account set up within the submitting publishers main account to coincide with the e-pub printer. That e-pub will direct sales and statistics back towards us and we will provide statistics and details to you along with any commissions based off of your sales within the various channels that we have accounts with.

How many accounts do you have now?

• We are working on three e-pub accounts now and then we are planning on doubling that within the a number of months and then continuing to push content to as many avenues as possible by the end of the year.

Does it cost me anything?

• No! All you have to do is just submit a quality product and the team will review it with our rubric and we will contact you if we are go for lift off.

What if I have talent and I want to join your bunch of merry men (and WoMen) ?

• Sure I game. Send me a resume, some samples of your work. Your thoughts and an idea of how you fit in.

Wait! I can do this myself! I do not need you.
• Yes! So go with God and become what you want.

Will I make a lot of money if I come and help you out?

• Haha! Yes, one day we all will young Jedi!

• Actually, this is a-learn as we go kind of thing. We are focusing on making it work for others so we can eventually get financial compensation when the ship starts to sail.

judgment_brown version

What are you looking for?

• Web guys (or gals)
• Go getters in the business-marketing world
• Legal eagles, or sparrows
• Digital pre-press people


• Where do I send my material in?
o We are securing space and that will be posted very soon on a number of channels and sites.
• How long will it take me to know?
o When we get the site up and all the submission platforms workout we will inform all people
• How do I keep informed?
o I guess just check in from time to time or follow the blog.

Till next time…

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One thought on “Faith and much more…..

  1. Kevin Lintz says:

    Hey, just got caught up on reading the blog. I saw your posting on CCAS and swung by here to check it out. I hope things are going well with the project so far.

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