the World at “War”…and its demon

war                                      WAR

Back in the day, about 20 years ago, I dreamed of what the demon or the spirit of war looked like. I believed that war was not a person nor a beast, but a significant force that was brought upon by the ego and the greed of human kind.

With a little help from an artist that I gave some money to and some cereal (starving college student), I was able to come up with a vision that satisfied my dream / vision.

He, in the physical sense, was a complicated and tactical being with the ability to wage war and cause chaos within any being with a limited and weak spirit. His primary mission was to wage war on humanity and drive men (plural sense) to Sin and eventually Death.

My vision of this being is portrayed in the comic as a Principal Demon towards Sin. A general of sorts who leads all the armies of destruction and hell.

His background is as follows, in regards to human history.


War  – Weight 2500 lbs – Height 8′ 5″ or larger

War is an aggressive spirit that leads other demons and imps to carry out his plans. He first came into the world through the war of the Four Kings vs. the Chedorlaomer Empire in (Genesis 14).

In his world, he has very few who can equal his strength, knowledge, intellect and power. Although he is constantly being challenged from his own ranks of demon leaders and their troops. But, he is served by a number of significant demons who follow his every command.

His army is vast, and he has various levels of demons for any situation. The demons, as well as War, are versed in the Word of God and know scripture and knows of all faiths religions and those that who claim to be atheists by at the mere site of this demon will call upon the Savior when he and his hoard are near.  His goal is to bring the organized world into armed conflict with one another and cause the end of human existence.

His goal is to bring the organized world into armed conflict with one another and cause the end of human existence.



Sin with War and Sentinel



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