About Secular…Nought (SN)

SN started back in 1996. It closed in 2004 due to some personal issues, but I am working it back. Here is what SN is about, most people know of the Bible and the material it contains. Most know and believe that there are such things as demons, angels and spirits on the Earth and how they have throughout history have woven themselves within the natural world. Well, we write our comics and design our stuff around this theme or spirits, demons, heaven and hell and etc.

If you look in the book of Ephesians 6 and 2 you will read, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Well, that is what we build our stuff on.

I made SN to for the more mature Christian/person who knows something of the Bible. They don’t have to know the Bible or even all that is written, but I created the company to give an entertainment value to the other side and the “what if” of the Bible. Now, that does not mean that I am trying to preach another doctrine or anything like that, I am just using the art to tell stories of a subject matter that really is interesting to me.

So, SN is for the person who wants to read, wear and eventually watch (Flash Movies soon) about mature content stuff that I have created about heavenly places. Mature means that there is death, murder, demons, angels, aliens, machines, guns, swords, killings, humans and a whole host of other stuff that Veggie Tales does cater to.



Now in 2016 I have decided to do something that I have not done in a number of years, write, reintroduce and create more of the SN line.

The Judgment comic is fueled not by the thought of just another comic, but to create a comic that talks about the icky side of faith, life and the heavens.

As anyone can see the world is a pretty crazy place with issues of politics, cultural relations, religious factions, government factions, money, greed, zealots and the list can go on.

What I started then so many years ago, I will continue and create more to not only clear my head of the ideas and the visions that I have for this comic but for the many topics and issues of the spirit world that we fail to realize are around us every day.


Judgment character

Main character called Judgment


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