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Aliens among us


I know that the world is going a little nut with aliens, their technology, and the stuff the governments around the world are not telling us.

The alien aspect within the Bible is intriguing and it has all of the controversies of good, bad, real and unreal. Ezekiel and his wheel, Elijah and being taken into heaven and the titan himself Enoch and the mystery around him just to name a few.

Now, the last two were more of transportation descriptions but, it makes a point to say, “…hey! What in the world really happened back then?”

I wanted to add an aspect of aliens into the comic. Not because I wanted to do some cheap knock off of some other comic, but to show that, if God created the universe, then He must have created everything else. So, my thoughts are to take the alien theme, use some of Enoch and the Nephilim, Giants and the Elioud.

Now, the way I put it together was that there was a race of superhumans or what we would call Giants on the Earth in the range of 9ft – 15ft. But, unlike the Earth Giants, these were not of the Fallen stock, they were created and were born of a different lineage of man.

This group is known as the Sentry and they were created in the shape and likeness of the man on Earth. But, they were bred for one thing, to be Watchmen of the outer rim of the universe. Even out here there was evil and there was also species that went away from God’s will. So, he made them to protect the weak and to wipe out the insane, corrupt, and demonically evil. He made a like and unfaulty version of the Medes (Jeremiah 51:11) in space and he called the Sentry. A peaceful race of caretakers, farmers, naturalist, beings who worked with their hands, made peace, were enlightened with their desires of science, knowledge, math, justice and living in harmony with their surroundings.

Vegetarians from the beginning, animals did not fear them and nature worked with them. They were healers of the land and lived with nature and made their culture weave within nature’s design.

So, the Sentry lived quietly in the deepest reaches of the universe and quietly made their society one to marvel. Alien lifeforms noticed them and documented their advancement of their society and would interact with alien species on regular occurrences.

Beings from other planets, universes and dimensions know of the Sentry as a peaceful nature of giants who respect the world they inhabit. But, many on the far reaches of the universe know of their other side of a society of warriors that once summoned to a task by their Lord, nothing would stand in their way until the task was completed.

Very few know of Sentries ways, but one race of evil that has been touched by the lies of the underworld has  tasted their wrath a number of times, the Scves.

But, this story is a comic that is to be written one day.

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry


This is Sentinel’s Symbiotic Host transport



Sentinel in Color original 1996 art



New Art and a New mission

I have been talking with very talented people about helping me get the next stories out drawn out. Like a lot of people I work and have to make a living until my dreams can make a living for me.

So, I started to hit the Internet and looking for a solid artist to help me. I am hopefully working with a man who has the skills to make it happen. But, I am waiting to see if his situation with his life can allow him to assist me.

But in the meantime, I will do what I can to turn the page for this effort. I am going to be making some hats and other products that I can put the logo and the artwork on and hopefully make some change and apply it to this effort. I figure I a lot of art, why not use it.



the first version of Judgment 1996



the World at “War”…and its demon

war                                      WAR

Back in the day, about 20 years ago, I dreamed of what the demon or the spirit of war looked like. I believed that war was not a person nor a beast, but a significant force that was brought upon by the ego and the greed of human kind.

With a little help from an artist that I gave some money to and some cereal (starving college student), I was able to come up with a vision that satisfied my dream / vision.

He, in the physical sense, was a complicated and tactical being with the ability to wage war and cause chaos within any being with a limited and weak spirit. His primary mission was to wage war on humanity and drive men (plural sense) to Sin and eventually Death.

My vision of this being is portrayed in the comic as a Principal Demon towards Sin. A general of sorts who leads all the armies of destruction and hell.

His background is as follows, in regards to human history.


War  – Weight 2500 lbs – Height 8′ 5″ or larger

War is an aggressive spirit that leads other demons and imps to carry out his plans. He first came into the world through the war of the Four Kings vs. the Chedorlaomer Empire in (Genesis 14).

In his world, he has very few who can equal his strength, knowledge, intellect and power. Although he is constantly being challenged from his own ranks of demon leaders and their troops. But, he is served by a number of significant demons who follow his every command.

His army is vast, and he has various levels of demons for any situation. The demons, as well as War, are versed in the Word of God and know scripture and knows of all faiths religions and those that who claim to be atheists by at the mere site of this demon will call upon the Savior when he and his hoard are near.  His goal is to bring the organized world into armed conflict with one another and cause the end of human existence.

His goal is to bring the organized world into armed conflict with one another and cause the end of human existence.



Sin with War and Sentinel


SN artists, Lee Oaks (interior), Kyle Anderson (cover).

The artist for the SN Judgment comic was a really good guy named Lee Oaks. Solid guy and great to work with. The main graphic of the Judgment character is named Kyle Anderson, serious artist out of Texas. I met Kyle when he was at a VERY col company called Red Echo in Austin, Texas.

Both of these guys helped create the comic that I have presented to you.

Thanks for your time and checkin out my idea.

Judgment…the Calling

Judgment - the man




















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SN…shirts…cool stuff

Well, the next part of this saga is about to roll out. Currently, we are working with a very cool printer in the Colorado Springs area to give us a finished look that we are looking for our new shirts. Decided to go slow and do it right so we can get the look that is needed.

Excited about the next level of shirts, but more excited about taking the steps to finally get there and start this up again.

What a ride it has been…

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