Back at it – 2013

Well, after some time off, I think it is time to get back on the horse.

I have taken some time away from my project of love and have decided to give it a final go.

This thing has been in me and on me for since 1996 and I am getting ready to “finally” publish the comic (self publishing) and soon to release some newer t-shirts.

My goal is to create a e-publishing firm for the alternative Christian crowd. I know….people are always saying, “…how can you be alternative and Christian?” I explain it like this – God is more than what they deliver at Chrurch, and Christ does not just worship with those who where nice clothes! Meaning, you can be in the dumps and not doing so well in life and HE still has a Calling for you and your life – regardless of what “THEY” say.



SN is working within Christian Comic Arts Society as well

SN is uploading and working within a number of mediums to tell the story, WordPress, Tumblr and Christian Comic Arts Society.

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Christian Comic Publisher? Really!

Something that I have been kicking around for years. So, I am going for it. I have a project up on IndiGoGo to raise the funds to start as a small Christian comic publishing firm that will service Christian comic developers.

SN looks to new artist

SN has been searching the Internet on a quest to secure new artist for the new versions of the comic. In addition SN is creating a new publishing section for Christian comics…much anticipate and needed.


SN…shirts…cool stuff

Well, the next part of this saga is about to roll out. Currently, we are working with a very cool printer in the Colorado Springs area to give us a finished look that we are looking for our new shirts. Decided to go slow and do it right so we can get the look that is needed.

Excited about the next level of shirts, but more excited about taking the steps to finally get there and start this up again.

What a ride it has been…

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So what is a Sentinel anyway?

Sentinel is a character that is from a distant galaxy…a land far, far, far away (sort of sounds like a Star Wars trilogy huh?). The Sentry is a clan of 10-14 foot humanoid warriors. I know some of you are thinking that “hey, Avatar had the tall dudes as well”, no I had this stuff out in 1996 and, no I never read the book. But, The Sentry are a race of large people that have been commissioned to do the Lord’s will – and that’s it. They have existed in has a very advanced race of human / machine enhanced people for thousands of years. In fact they have know the beginnings of time due to God commissioned them to fight the Nephelim and prior to that God told them to wipe out the Fallen 200 angels from heaven that descended with Lucifer during the great battle of heaven.

God commissioned this great race to take on and fight the Fallen 200 or the ‘Watchers’ and fight the offspring that they created.

So the Sentry were set forth to take down some of these giant people and to stand and fight against their offspring regardless of the price of life. In doing so, God gave them some very cool stuff to fight with, intelligence, knowledge of life, and the ability to travel between the natural and spiritual realms.

Anyways, that is how they became who the are and that is why they look they way they do.

When in battle they can strike fear into the enemy with their harmonic sounds and their rhythmic beats that can be heard for miles/days before they attack.

So, that is a little about the Sentry and who they are. Now the dude that in the image is named Sentinel and he is the leader of the Sentry.

He has not been the only leader, but he is the appointed leader for when they go into battle…and man is this dude the real deal.

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry

Sentinel the leader of the Sentry

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Here comes the Mechs – yeah in a Christian comic

I wanted something really cool when I was making my comic and so I dreamed up all the things that I liked and then put together all the things that were sort of possible and in the scope of my comic. What I came up with was this thing that bridged the gap between my Sentinel character and a heavy-duty, kick butt, kind of thing. So, I thought and thought and being a Robotech fan (man I love that stuff) I thought of a mech vehicle that I loved ( and a vehicle that I saw in the first Aliens movie. So, I got this thing that called the WarHammer and it took a while but it worked out pretty good. Now, I met a dude online named Hank Jiang who helped me out. Well, back then Hank was working for Rockstar Games, yes the same Rockstar that makes Grand Theft Auto, and he and I talked online and he made the Sentinel and the WarHammer Characters for me…and I have been pleased every day I looked at it.

So, the way that I put it all together was by giving them (Sentinels) a history and a background, home planet and a purpose in the comic. What it came out to was the Sentinels were in ancient race created in the beginning to serve the Lord throughout the galaxy. But, they lived in a distant world and the reason for that was to let others know that the Christ speaks to not just us…but them out there as well.

Now they travel with ships when they want, but they usually travel through Voids (things that connect the spiritual and natural worlds together) and travel back and forth between worlds and areas at the speed of thought.

What that makes is for a pretty cool series of events that the comic can now jump in and out of. But, the mech (almost forgot) can move on its own and work on its own, but it is a symbiotic parasite kind of bio organism. It has one owner, and can latch on to the host and become and extension of the host or itself…either way it is freaky.


This is Sentinel's Symbiotic Host transport

Oh, I am working on getting t-shirts of this and other characters from a cool dude out of Florida, Sad Monkey – Daniel Davidson (cool, real cool dude).


T-shirts from Sad Monkey Designs and SN

talk to ya later.


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SN answering the call

Judgment - the man

Judgment - the main dude in the story

Man lets make it clear – SN makes comics that deal with life – real life. Yeah we are a Christian based comic company, and yeah our characters and comics are edgy, but our message is the same…period.

Back in 1996 I was struggling with something in my mind of the way that a comic should be for young people. These kids were stuck in the world of the S.O.S. (same old stuff): sex, drugs, anger, lust, greed, selfishness and – well, stuff that sounds just like today. But after watching the very bad movie –  Prince of Egypt, I was compelled to create this thing.

So, to the Art Institute of Dallas I went, met some freaks who drew some of the original designs and here we are.

Over the years that I have struggled with bringing this thing to the public I have heard from Christian and non Christian stores that they are not sure where to put this. The Christian stores just don’t call me back, the secular stores just give me a letter and say something like…”man cool stuff you may do better in a Christian store!” Wow, talk about a loop of goofiness. Or, the coolest thing was, “man, go to Comic Con, your stuff is good enough to publish…”. Plus, some of my art that you will eventually see has been made from some industry freaks that I befriended along the way. But, here I am now figuring out ways to get this out to ya’ll (a little Texas drawl for ya).

Now, I am going to send stuff to key people and key groups to hand them free t-shirts for this new ‘rebirth’ if you want to call it. I think this way I can get stuff out to people and the name out as well bypassing the brick and mortar establishments. So I am going to try and do and a direct to consumer sales thingy ma gingy kind of strategy. That my friends is a total a business technical term and you can use that with my permission.

But that is news for – talk to yeah

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Secular…Nought…starting it up again

SN starting small again….

2004 SN closed its doors due to personal reasons – but now, it is working its way back.

SN is working on a couple of new logos to represent the new company. We are going to be a little lighter and a little more aggressive with our content for our products.

What SN does is makes Christian entertainment products for the mature Christian. We are not a kid producer of products and we do not make cute products the 6-9 year olds. We make mature comics that deal with: heaven, hell, death, sin, sex, lust, pain, murder and things that happen in real life.

Some of the graphics on the Blog will have a lot of art that has not been seen in about 10 years.

Thanks for the time – talk to ya later

Judgment character

Main character called Judgment

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Secular…Nought is on its way back

Secular…Nought is dusting off the cool art, the movies and t-shirts are coming back.