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After thinking, I feel it best to start a small Graphic Novel Publisher that focuses on Christian and Alternative Christian Graphic Novels. Now before people start acting like they are foaming at the mouth and asking “…what do you mean Alternative Christian?” By this I mean, alternative story lines other than just the Bible Stories and or the good kiddie stuff that is on Veggie Tales (which I love and I love the My Cheeseburger episode…classic) and basic David and Goliath kind of animation. Those are great, but times have changed and so has the Christian audience.

But, there has got to be something else for those that are not going to pick up the King James, NIV Bibles and something different for those who are not going to go to church, listen to a message or talk to the Gideons on the street corner.

Maybe they will pick up a hard knocks story of a kid who is down on his luck and has to turn to selling weed and then finds out there is more to life than slinging dope and working the corner. Or maybe there can be a story of a girl who has to run the streets to make ends meet and has to do some ‘thangs’ in order to take care of her family, kids, mom, dad whatever.

Personally, I have created the Judgment series to answer this exact problem. It is not the cookie cutter novel, and as the story line gets going there are characters in this thing that resemble life and the issues of lust, temptation, desire and others that make men and women do dumb things.

My goal is to really start getting some solid information setup for those who want to submit. But first, I need to really start working on securing a couple digital press accounts and getting some e-pub accounts lined up.

I believe the best way to publish graphic novels is to develop it as an e-pub with one ISBN to track it and then work as many digital venues as possible with direct sales from the various big chain websites.

No, I am not really thinking of the brick and mortar folks like, Lifeway, Family Christian and Mardel. They have resends and various chargeback policies, returns and other stuff. Plus the Bricks have specific numbers for them to cover their costs and make money, so the margin for profit on my side would be limited.

So, if you have some skills and you want to help, or you know someone, or you just want to do what the IT world does with technology and do a start-up with a dude who likes comics….leave a comment.


A lot to think about and do…just sort of daunting to set something like this up that is so needed.

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